Sabtu, 31 Desember 2016

Day #29 And #30: Goals For The Next 30 Days & Highs-Lows Of The Month

Let's get it done. Here's the list of my goals for next month.

  • Sleep early every night
  • Go to lab before noon
  • Figure out whether I want to go home for holiday or not
  • Finish the latest simulation thingy*
  • Get the measurement done for previous work*
  • Eat more fruit and vegetable
*this asterisk means work stuffs

Pretty standard eh.

Okay now, the highs and lows for this past month.

  • Nice weather, surprisingly warm most of the time
  • Found a new favorite treat: creme brulee donut
  • Finally install FL studio

  • Couldn't go to my cousin's wedding
  • Stuck at a drinking session, had to sneakily runaway and look for taxi to go back home
  • Friend of mine quit his PhD program, kinda made me down
  • Banda Neira was disbanded

That was it. Kejar tayang ya, macam sinetron. Ya berhubung ini hari terakhir di tahun ini, biar sekalian aja dikelarin si challenge nya. Fiuh. Finally.

Overall, writing challenge kali ini lumayan juga sih. Bikin jadi kebiasa nulis lagi. Tapi topiknya banyaknya tentang diri sendiri gitu loh. I mean, who in the right mind would want to read that? Tapi gakpapa, buat pemanasan. Mungkin berikutnya bakal cari writing challenge lagi yang rada lebih variatif temanya. Mungkin.

Anyhoo. Bye-bye 2016. Don't think that you're special, because you're not. You're just another passing year, ready to be replaced with the new one. Remember what Barney Stinson said:

"New is always better."

Sedikit tembang dari band yang baru bubar, untuk menemani akhir tahun anda, enjoy. :)

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