Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

untuk para pejuang siskomsat (dan pejuang2 lainnya)

i've got sick, since about 4 days ago. just kinda boring illnesses --> coughs, colds, headache, sore throat, fever, but all of them were the fairly severe ones. i rarely get sick, thanks God, but once i did, it's never been on the proper time. eh. okay, i'm not the one who's in charge of arranging the schedule of my sickness, anyway :p
today i've been lots better, start panicking about tomorrow's siskomsat exam. oh fyi i'm having 3 consecutive exams for monday to wednesday. and my current condition is: haven't studied properly. yet.

well i'm not alone. a friend of mine also have just started to study for tomorrow's exam because yesterday she had her big family coming to her house, gotta be a good host, didn't she? another friend of mine postpone his intention to study because his friend wanted to go to the job fair today and asked him as companion.

if we're talking about priority, yes tomorrow's exam is important, yes we should study properly, and yes it takes time. but sometimes suddenly come that circumstance when you need to change the order of your priorities.
lets see the cases of my two friends. sometimes we all need to override our priority to do something else that we think we should do. if you think it's right to do, just do it. if He think it's right to do too, then He will never let you face the consequences of it alone.

He gave us enough time, guys. tomorrow will be fine. and so will the days after.

Tuhan bersama mahasiswa tingkat akhir hamba-hambaNya yang pantang menyerah.

selamat belajaaar! <-- shouting loudly to myself


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