Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011


money won't buy you friends, neither will popularity.
i wrote that quote once on my facebook status. yea sometimes, yes, i can be quite wise that i can share good quotes instead of curhat on my statuses. ehe. ehehe.

but isn't that true, my quote? yes you (or actually your parents? :p) may have lots of money, you can buy people meals, buy them tickets for the cinema, or ask them to come to your luxurious party, but still, those won't buy their heart. 

another condition, you maybe a star in your every class, you're so good-looking, you're bold and you're the head or holding a prestigious position in your organization. in other word, you're so damn popular. but do those guarantee that you'll get people's trust?

no, of course those two things i mentioned won't guarantee anything.

make friends is all about appreciating. respecting. giving a hand, instead of giving money. people won't even care about your richness and fame, as long as you can make them feel comfortable while you're around, make them feel like the time runs faster while they're with you.

make friends is also about inspiring and triggering. and last but not least: make friends needs.. trust.

so, are you sure those 'friends' are really your friends? not your money's friends or your position's friends?
think again. :p

*i myself never believe in the term 'best friend', but i quite sure i have those friends of mine who i can rely on.
*thanks to you all, fellas :)

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