Sabtu, 26 April 2014

5 Main Reasons Why I Like Facebook-ing

If anyone ever ask me what social media I use the most, the answer will be: Facebook. In this slightly special post (because I use English again for a full post, this is the first, since, well I don't really remember since when) allow me to provide you some good reasons about why I like Facebook-ing.


Combination of fate and some decisions I made has brought me here to this Kpop land. Well I'm definitely not here for the Kpop because I really don't fancy those kind of thing. I'm here to study, just like several other fresh graduates who haven't even close to determine what they want to do with their lives, so, go to graduate school could be one thing they can use to buy some time, while trying to figure it out. 

Now, problem is, I happen to be stranded in this remote place where I'm the only one holding Indonesian nationality in a whole campus area. What? Yes, I am. For a first-timer in living abroad, I can say I'm doing pretty good with all of this. I have no language problem with study related stuffs because professors and labmates communicate in English quite nicely. Plus, although the progress is sluggish, I'm learning Korean too. However, I kinda feel this urge, a need, of speaking in my own language. Ha!

Yes I can just wait for the weekend when I finally can hang out with Indonesian acquaintances, or just go to my uncle's place at Seoul, where I can finally satisfy this urge, but, man, I can't be that patient. So Facebook is one solution. Though I don't literally speak, you know, like speaking with mouth, while chatting using Facebook, but at least I type in my own language and it feels good. 

*for this language thing, Whatsapp is another great solution.


I enjoy seeing my news feed. Recently it mostly shows how people I know, one by one, started to put their things into place. Getting what they deserve, starting a proper life, or a family. I've always seen myself as an egocentric, but this joy I feel whenever I saw photographs of my buddy's newborn baby, or my friend's photographs when he travels around the globe living his dream job, is totally genuine. Their achievements and happiness bring some kind of.. hope, for me, that if I keep going I will eventually get there too: the stage of life where I finally feel fulfilled.


Criminal Case. Thank God that hundreds of my Facebook friends play this game too. Look at those free energy, and free cards, and lots of help when I need to finish my report on a case. Candy Crush used to be my reason too, but I get bored with it. I'm stick with this one, though, Criminal Case. I think I love hidden object games better among other types of puzzle games.


I love doing random internet surfing, and yeah sometimes I find cool stuffs. It is too selfish to not sharing cool stuffs with anyone. Apparently my labmates here are not into these kind of thing, so Facebook it is. I'm sorry people that I sometimes spam your news feed with many kinds of links, but I try my best to make sure they are worth clicking ;) 


Facebook has always been a place to put those pictures I've taken. I'm not into photography, I don't give a damn about cameras or techniques, but I just love taking pictures. Don't wanna brag, but sometimes I get cool pictures, and again, according to point four, it feels like a sin to not sharing cool stuffs. Well since I said so, it also applies for sharing blog post and soundcloud things. Somehow I know that there are people who actually appreciate those things I created, or even enjoy or feel good because of them, and that makes me feel.. motivated. 

Okay that's all five. I'm gonna keep using Facebook until indefinite time, as long as it keeps being useful just like it does now. Hats off for Zuckerberg!