Minggu, 13 November 2011

one semester

how many kind of courses do we have in one semester? normally seven. or eight. 

in every single course there will always be several tests, could be quizzes, or exams. those test are given to us to check our understanding and skills related to the courses we are taking. we take tests, we pass, sometimes with excellent scores but the other times our scores are just sucks, but still pass.

there are even times when we fail on the tests. sometimes we are given chances to have a remedial test, but more often, we can't have those chances. so all we can do is let it go, fail is fail, we should just try harder so the next tests won't be failed again. 

i know you can guess what will happen next :p
yup. another analogy. that's my hobby, haha.

let's suppose that this life is a single semester. surely we don't take only 7 or 8 courses on this semester, but maybe tens, or even hundreds. each course sure have tests for us to accomplish, and some of them may have a remedial test while some of them don't.

our typical mistake is, sometimes we refuse to accept the fact that some tests do not have any remedial for our failure. there are some things that are done, can not be fixed. yes, He is All-forgiving, He will always give us chances. when we can't have the chance to fix our failures in the past, unwittingly we are actually offered a chance to learn and become wiser, wise enough not to redo those mistakes.

move on. :)