Rabu, 04 Februari 2015

Hello Again

So I guess this is the proper time to start writing again in English. Almost a full month spent for holiday break, back at home with family and friends, no need to speak English at all, made me dull. I realized this few days ago, when I was on a meeting with the big guy. It felt like I had it all gathered in my mind, but damn, the struggle was real when it came to expressing it in sentences. Yeah, so, here goes, English blog post. Way to start getting used to thinking in English again.

I don't even remember what did I write the last time I posted anything here.
Wait, let's take a peek.
Ah, right. I wrote things, research related. Nah, I'm not gonna do that now. Kinda rough days in lab, these days. Therefore, I decided not to bring any research related stuff during my time off.

So, how are things? Set aside the research thingy which is getting more complicated now that I'm in my fourth semester, things are good. I mean it. Good, as in 'finally I feel motivated enough to start being a man of habit'.
Or in my case, woman of habit.
Nah, man of habit sounds better.

What kind of habit are we talking about here? Well, for starter, eating habit. Have I told anyone that I gained 10 kilos already, compared to when I first came here to study? Probably I have. And now I told you all as well, beloved readers. So, yeah, as you might have expected, I'm getting a little plump here. Or a lot.

Back at home, I went to the gym nearby, the one where the two brothers of mine already became regulars. Did I exercise? Nope, just did some health check, and the conclusion is that, yeah, I definitely need to grow a better habit. Both in eating and exercising.

I was planning to go to nutrition specialist, but then stuffs going on, and finally I just didn't have time for it. However, when there's a will, there's a way! One day while taking a dump, I found and read this one book written by a doctor, Hiromi Shinya. Title was, the miracle of enzyme, or some sort. I found most of the contents interesting, and make sense for me to implement them.
Some points I noted:
  • Drink water around 1 hour before any meal. Eat fruit 30 minutes after that. Then have your meal. Usually people think that fruit is for dessert. Nope, it's the other way around.
  • Reduce your consumption of dairy products, or, just cut it all out.
  • Try to consume raw food, or, cooked but with shorter cooking time.

And etcetera. You will need to read the book yourself to know more. And no, I'm not paid to promote the book, haha. Plus, my dear mother added some more advices of hers: cut the carb, and eat fruit when you need snacking. Well, I need the carb, so I won't just cut it completely. I'm just going to cut it in a half. Also, fixed meal time is important. When should you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And even morning snack and afternoon snack time should be fixed. 
How is it going on until now? Well, fine, I guess. I'm getting used to it, and I kinda feel better. I try to wake up at the same time every morning as well. Go to lab at the same time and go back home at the same time. All these, the routine, slowly makes me more comfortable. Organized. The only thing left is the exercise part. It's still freaking cold these days, but I'm hopeful for warmer upcoming weeks, so I can start my regular jogging.
True, that defining how long one's gonna live is the privilege of God and God only. But what's so wrong about trying to live longer by having a more orderly and healthy life?


That's all, folks. Nice to finally get to greet you again. :)


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