Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

untuk para pejuang siskomsat (dan pejuang2 lainnya)

i've got sick, since about 4 days ago. just kinda boring illnesses --> coughs, colds, headache, sore throat, fever, but all of them were the fairly severe ones. i rarely get sick, thanks God, but once i did, it's never been on the proper time. eh. okay, i'm not the one who's in charge of arranging the schedule of my sickness, anyway :p
today i've been lots better, start panicking about tomorrow's siskomsat exam. oh fyi i'm having 3 consecutive exams for monday to wednesday. and my current condition is: haven't studied properly. yet.

well i'm not alone. a friend of mine also have just started to study for tomorrow's exam because yesterday she had her big family coming to her house, gotta be a good host, didn't she? another friend of mine postpone his intention to study because his friend wanted to go to the job fair today and asked him as companion.

if we're talking about priority, yes tomorrow's exam is important, yes we should study properly, and yes it takes time. but sometimes suddenly come that circumstance when you need to change the order of your priorities.
lets see the cases of my two friends. sometimes we all need to override our priority to do something else that we think we should do. if you think it's right to do, just do it. if He think it's right to do too, then He will never let you face the consequences of it alone.

He gave us enough time, guys. tomorrow will be fine. and so will the days after.

Tuhan bersama mahasiswa tingkat akhir hamba-hambaNya yang pantang menyerah.

selamat belajaaar! <-- shouting loudly to myself


Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

i (still) wanna be a..

i have just watched history channel on tv with my mum. thank you iptv, we all can watch our favourite tv shows whenever we want and repeat them all over again :D

we watched my mum's favourite show: hidden cities. this show brought us to see the hidden, ancient places all over the world. in this episode they brought us here, to our beloved Indonesia, precisely around central Java. 

the adventure started with exploring hidden bunkers and fortresses made by Japanese (not literally 'made' by japanese of course, Indonesian romushas built them when we were still being colonized), then we had an great trip in a really old train from the Dutch colonial era (it's amazing  how the old engine still work till today) from ambarawa to semarang, the city where we found the house of thousand door (indeed it is the translation of the words lawang sewu -_-, oh here is the link, i once wrote it on one of my post --> lawang sewu). lawang sewu was once an train office made during the Japanese occupation, which have a large dungeon as a place for torturing the prisoners of the japanese. leaving semarang, we were guided to see a former palace in kotagede, before we continued to the palace that is still working till now --> keraton yogyakarta.

the last parts of the show brought us to explore the temples, the ruined ones and the restored ones. started with ratu boko temple and ended with the famous prambanan temple. these last parts of the episode reminds me of one of my dream when i was a kid:
i wanted to be an archaeologist. i really did.

i thought it'll be real satisfying to dig those soils and crash those rocks to finally found ancient building that buried deep hundred years ago and bring them up to the surface. or maybe we can found the skeletons of primordial humans, or even a treasure trove. yeah who knows. haha.

you know, i still wanna be an archaeologist. i still wanna be a cook, a pianist, and an astronomer too, deep, here *pointing to my heart*.

our childhood dreams were always more colourful than ever, weren't they?

Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011


money won't buy you friends, neither will popularity.
i wrote that quote once on my facebook status. yea sometimes, yes, i can be quite wise that i can share good quotes instead of curhat on my statuses. ehe. ehehe.

but isn't that true, my quote? yes you (or actually your parents? :p) may have lots of money, you can buy people meals, buy them tickets for the cinema, or ask them to come to your luxurious party, but still, those won't buy their heart. 

another condition, you maybe a star in your every class, you're so good-looking, you're bold and you're the head or holding a prestigious position in your organization. in other word, you're so damn popular. but do those guarantee that you'll get people's trust?

no, of course those two things i mentioned won't guarantee anything.

make friends is all about appreciating. respecting. giving a hand, instead of giving money. people won't even care about your richness and fame, as long as you can make them feel comfortable while you're around, make them feel like the time runs faster while they're with you.

make friends is also about inspiring and triggering. and last but not least: make friends needs.. trust.

so, are you sure those 'friends' are really your friends? not your money's friends or your position's friends?
think again. :p

*i myself never believe in the term 'best friend', but i quite sure i have those friends of mine who i can rely on.
*thanks to you all, fellas :)