Minggu, 11 September 2011


yeaa, welcome to our 4th year here, fellas. feels like my first day at ITB was only yesterday. 3 years turn out to be not long, moreover this one last year. yes, one last. i'm planning to graduate normally like any other diligent_nice_cari-aman_non-activist_no-lover student (no, i'm not curhat-ing. hm. OK i am, a bit). 

so, i'm gonna live my life here a lil more effectively, do things i've always wanna do but i haven't, such as watching any movie at LFM, watching performances of UKM and ISO, and so on. i'm gonna enjoy every single day on this year, cause today next year i'll be, maybe, somewhere out there, working, earning my first rupiahs (or maybe dollars #ngarep), or maybe i'll be abroad, studying for master degree, who knows.

when that time comes, i'll be really miss this campus. along with everything and everyone related to it. 

alrite let's stop being melancholy. haha. anyway i'll try to write on this blog in english from now on. one said to me that writing in english can train my brain to think fast in english. it'll be useful especially if i haven't be able to speak english very well because it's still take several time to arrange a sentence in english while i already have lots to say in indonesian. it make me helpless. so, yeah i need training.

well, enjoy my newbie english. i'm not gonna change the name "ce.ri.ta" with "sto.ry" anyway :p

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