Senin, 20 Februari 2012


so this is not my idea. it's taken from one of my blackberry groups. just a few lines, enjoy.

one day, Aristotle asked his teacher about what true love is. instead of answering his question, the teacher asked him to walk straight on the flower field so he could pick a flower, the most beautiful one, and told him not to look back. Aristotle did just like what the teacher told him to, but he came back bringing nothing. the teacher asked him "where is the flower?" then he answered "i have found it, but i didn't pick it because i thought there must be another flower, the more beautiful one, if i go ahead. but i was wrong, at the end i realized that the first flower i saw was the most beautiful one. what a pity, i could not go back."

"that is true love. the more you look for it, you'll never get it", said the teacher.

people walk away easily, sometimes. 
some chances don't come twice, sometimes.
it's about choices. choices. :)

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