Rabu, 08 Februari 2012

random blue

what comes from Him, will eventually be back to Him

it was a really bad news, the one that i heard today. 

made me suddenly realize about something essential: we are all going to die someday. what day? we won't know. could be next year, next month, tomorrow. or even tonight. and how will it be? again, we won't know. 

but haven't we asked ourselves what the heck are we doing all these times? didn't we just wasting our precious yet limited time? we played around, we procrastinated, we lost chances, we missed moments.

if i die tonight, i won't regret every single detail i have passed. i am really thankful to those people of my life, those characters in my story. it will be so much things left unsaid, like "you're my biggest motivation, reason of everything i do in my life" to my family, "i'm sorry to become such a bitch" to my friends, and maybe "i love you" to my ex.

but if i don't die tonight,
i know i've been given one more precious chance. i know i am blessed. i know it's time to stand up and move forward.

may He always bless those who passed away
and may He always bless those who are still here, living their lives with their own ways


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Setia Negara B. Tjaru mengatakan...

if i die tonight, i will regret many things...

glad for you that you're not in this state anymore
i guess i will be treasuring my time more